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Two dads and adoption

This is the story of two dads, John and Tom, who were artists. They loved painting together in their small art studio, but they wanted more than anything to have a child. Unfortunately, they couldn't have biological children together, but that didn't stop them from wanting to start a family. They finally decided to adopt a baby. After several months of waiting, they received a call from their agency informing them that a baby was available for adoption. John and Tom jumped for joy, unable to believe that their dream was finally coming true. They rushed to the orphanage to meet their new baby. As soon as they saw his little face, their hearts melted. The baby was so small and fragile, but so adorable. They decided to name him Max and took him home to start their new life as a family.

The dads continued to paint in their art studio, but this time with their new baby nearby. Max loved watching his dads' brushstrokes, and they started giving him brushes and paint to try painting himself.

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A perfect mix

This is the story of a mixed-race family with two wonderful sons and a large, loving family around them. The maternal grandparents were very present in their lives and were a constant source of inspiration and support for them. In this family, there was a beautiful fusion of cultures. The mother was passionate about African music and dance, while the father loved rock and blues. Together, they created a home filled with rhythms and melodies that reflected their mutual love.

The sons grew up learning their mother's traditional dances and listening to their father's classic albums. They were educated in a multicultural atmosphere and were proud of their mixed heritage. One day, the family decided to take a trip to Africa so that the children could discover their mother's roots. They visited villages and local markets, learned traditional dances and songs, and tasted local dishes. The children were fascinated by everything they saw and learned, and their love for their blend of cultures grew even stronger.

The traditional family

This is the story of a loving Asian family who had twins - a boy and a girl - who were inseparable. Mei and Kai loved cooking and spent a lot of time together in the family kitchen, experimenting with new recipes. They were both very creative and loved adding their own personal touch to traditional dishes.

One day, while they were all preparing dinner, Mei suggested making a stir-fry noodle dish, but with a twist of lime. Kai shook his head disapprovingly, preferring a more traditional recipe. Eventually, they decided to make both versions of the recipe and compare them. The family was excited to taste these two different versions.

They decided to have a small competition to choose the best recipe. After a thorough tasting, the results were finally announced. Mei had won the competition with her lime stir-fry noodle recipe, which surprised everyone. Kai was a little disappointed, but quickly smiled, thinking it was an honor to have lost to his sister. The family finally tasted both dishes and celebrated their love for Asian cuisine, but also their ability to explore new flavors and new recipes.


This is the story of a blended family with a stepsister and a stepbrother. The daughter, Camille, had decided to pursue studies in engineering. She was passionate about building and designing structures, and nothing could discourage her. Her stepfather, an entrepreneur in the construction field, had noticed her talent and motivation. He had therefore decided to take her with him on the job sites during her internships. At first, Camille was a little intimidated by the male-dominated environment on the job sites. But she quickly gained the respect of everyone thanks to her perseverance and professionalism.

Over time, Camille and her stepbrother, Antoine, got to know each other better. They discovered that they shared common interests, such as video games and horror movies. They started spending more time together, playing and chatting.

As time passed, the blended family grew closer, and they realized that even though they did not share the same blood, their love and mutual support were more important than anything.

Two moms

This is the story of Lila and Eva: Two moms with two children, Zoé and Théo, who lived in an eco-friendly house. The family was very close-knit and shared a passion for gardening. Lila and Eva met several years ago while working together. They fell in love quickly and decided to start a family together.

They decided to have children through artificial insemination and chose to use an anonymous donor. After several attempts, Lila became pregnant with Théo and Eva carried Zoé. The family was proud to have two wonderful children and was happy to raise them in an environmentally friendly environment. One day, while they were harvesting potatoes, Noé asked a question that surprised his moms. "Why do some children have a mom and a dad, while we have two moms?" Lila and Eva thought about how to answer this question in a simple and honest way. They explained that families can take many different forms and that theirs was simply made up of two moms who loved their children more than anything in the world. They explained that love is the most important thing in a family, no matter who is a part of it.

Noé and Zoé understood and continued to ask questions about how families can be different from one another. Lila and Eva were happy that their children were curious and open-minded. Noé and Zoé learned to love nature and take care of the planet.

The mother and her daughter

It is the story of a mother named Marie who raised her daughter alone. She was an adventurer at heart and had a passion for travel.

She had traveled the world before her daughter was born, but she had to slow down her travels to care for her baby girl. Marie had always wanted to share her passion for travel with her daughter, and she started taking her on adventures as soon as she was old enough to travel. They have traveled through wild landscapes, climbed majestic mountains, and sailed the seas. Marie was not alone in her travels, they had their faithful four-legged companion, a dog named Hugo, who shared their passion for adventures.

United athletes

It is the story of a family who were passionate about sports and loved spending their free time playing and training together. Leila, the little sister practiced karate for several years and had even won regional competitions. She loved the strength and confidence it gave her. The family was proud to see a girl in a traditionally male sport and encouraged Amina to pursue her passion.

As for Ali, the brother, he had been in a wheelchair since birth and had played basketball since he was a child. Ali was an inspiring example of the strength and perseverance needed to overcome obstacles. The family was grateful to have found an inclusive sports environment for all family members. Together, they were a close-knit, sports-loving family.