Today's Happy Families

A fun and educational game that represents today's families.

Dare to talk and share with the new generation diversity and tolerance topics. 

Education & fun.

Our card game is ideal for children from 6 years old. Written in French and English, it encourages the exploration of foreign languages ​​and diversity.

The game offers different reading levels to suit all ages, with cards that tackle topics like inclusion and diversity.

Whether it's a family night, a birthday party or a school activity, our kids card game is the perfect solution for a fun and educational play experience.

Do not wait any longer!

Finally find all the family patterns in the game of 7 families. The types of families your children meet at school or at home.

With its inspiring themes and bright colors, kids will love playing again and again.

Don't wait any longer, offer your child an educational and fun game that will encourage them to explore the world of foreign languages ​​and that of diversity.


"Our greatest pleasure will be to see sparkling eyes, laughing mouths, waving hands, and people who are simply happy together."