Today's Happy Families

A fun and educational game that represents today's families.

Dare to talk and share with the new generation diversity and tolerance topics. 

Education & fun.

Our card game is ideal for children from 6 years old. Written in French and English, it encourages the exploration of foreign languages ​​and diversity.

The game offers different reading levels to suit all ages, with cards that tackle topics like inclusion and diversity.

Whether it's a family night, a birthday party or a school activity, our kids card game is the perfect solution for a fun and educational play experience.

Discover the 7 talented and representative families of our society.


This is the story of a blended family with a half-sister and a half-brother.

Camille loved engineering and nothing could stop her. Her stepfather, a construction entrepreneur, noticed her talent and took her to sites during internships. Initially intimidated by the male-dominated atmosphere, Camille earned everyone's respect with her professionalism. She bonded with her half-brother over shared interests in video games and horror movies. The blended family grew closer, realizing their love and support transcended blood ties.

Two moms

This is the story of Lila and Eva: Two moms with two children, Zoé and Théo, who lived in an eco-friendly house. The family was very close-knit and shared a passion for gardening. Lila and Eva met several years ago while working together. They fell in love quickly and decided to start a family together.

They decided to have children through artificial insemination and chose to use an anonymous donor. After several attempts, Lila became pregnant with Théo and Eva carried Zoé. The family was proud to have two wonderful children and was happy to raise them in an environmentally friendly environment. One day, while they were harvesting potatoes, Noé asked a question that surprised his moms. "Why do some children have a mom and a dad, while we have two moms?" Lila and Eva thought about how to answer this question in a simple and honest way. They explained that families can take many different forms and that theirs was simply made up of two moms who loved their children more than anything in the world. They explained that love is the most important thing in a family, no matter who is a part of it.

Noé and Zoé understood and continued to ask questions about how families can be different from one another. Lila and Eva were happy that their children were curious and open-minded. Noé and Zoé learned to love nature and take care of the planet.

The mother and her daughter

It is the story of a mother named Marie who raised her daughter alone. She was an adventurer at heart and had a passion for travel.

She had traveled the world before her daughter was born, but she had to slow down her travels to care for her baby girl. Marie had always wanted to share her passion for travel with her daughter, and she started taking her on adventures as soon as she was old enough to travel. They have traveled through wild landscapes, climbed majestic mountains, and sailed the seas. Marie was not alone in her travels, they had their faithful four-legged companion, a dog named Hugo, who shared their passion for adventures.

United athletes

This is the story of a family who were passionate about sports and loved spending their free time playing and training together.

Leila, the younger sister, had been practicing karate for several years and had even won regional competitions. She loved the strength and confidence it gave her. The family was proud to see a girl in a traditionally male sport. As for Ali, the brother, he had been in a wheelchair since birth and had been playing basketball since he was a child. Ali was an inspiring example of the strength and perseverance required to overcome obstacles. The family was grateful to have found an inclusive sports environment for all family members.

Together, they were a united and passionate sports family.

Discover the history of all the families

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Finally find all the family patterns in the game of 7 families. The types of families your children meet at school or at home.

With its inspiring themes and bright colors, kids will love playing again and again.

Don't wait any longer, offer your child an educational and fun game that will encourage them to explore the world of foreign languages ​​and that of diversity.


"Our greatest pleasure will be to see sparkling eyes, laughing mouths, waving hands, and people who are simply happy together."