The inclusion

In this article, I just want to highlight a simple, basic definition, as the french singer Orelsan would say, of the word "inclusive". 😆

  • Inclusive means that an activity, product, space, etc. is designed to include and welcome all people, regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc...

  • Inclusive play is playing together in an equitable and enjoyable way, without anyone feeling left out. It's a game that celebrates diversity and encourages understanding and tolerance.

Yes, I think the word "inclusive" still sparks debates for obvious reasons:

  • For some, promoting inclusion can mean a change in traditional norms and values, which can be perceived as threatening or destabilizing.

  • Fear of the unknown: Some people may fear the unknown and exposure to cultures, opinions, and lifestyles that are different from what they know.

  • Threat to privileges: For some people, inclusion can mean the loss of historical privileges and entitlements, which can provoke resistance.

  • Lack of understanding: Some people may not understand the concepts of inclusion and diversity and may perceive them as threats to their own beliefs and values.

With all of this, I think we all agree that inclusion is ultimately logical, healthy for all of us who live in society...and a bit like fruits and vegetables...to be consumed without moderation 🤣🥰🥰

"Inclusion is like a birthday party where even the neighbor's cat is invited! Even green tentacled extraterrestrials, robots with faulty algorithms, and rampaging unicorns. Inclusive play is about having fun together and discovering that, ultimately, we are all more alike than different."

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